Tag: aetherspace


  • Sea of Shards

    A region of the [[Aether | Aether]] dense with [[Aetheric Sargasso | Sargassos]] and [[Shard Realm | Shard Realms]]. The [[Maelstrom | Maelstrom]] sits at the heart of the Sea of Shards. The Shard Realms glitter around the Maelstrom like stars and …

  • Maelstrom

    The dark heart of the [[Sea of Shards | Sea of Shards]]. Orbiting the Maelstrom is [[Black Maze | the Black Maze]], headquarters of [[:hieronymus-macalder | Capt. Hieronymus MacAlder's ]] Pirate Brotherhood.

  • Continuum

    The space-time continuum, the original Universe as a whole before splintering into [[Sea of Shards | the Sea of Shards]], [[Maelstrom | the Maelstrom]], and [[Aether | the Aetheric Ocean]].

  • Aether Factions

    The Factions of the [[Great Aether Fleets | Great Aether Fleets]]: * [[Britannia Aeterna | Britannia Aeterna]] * [[Sidhe | Aes Sidhe]] * [[Martians | Warlords of Mars]] * [[Mythos | the Mythos]] [[Pirates | Pirate]] factions, although widespread …

  • Aether

    Regarded as the Fifth Classical Element (Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Aether) it allows for the transmission of matter and energy between alternate realities. The Aether lies thinly in the [[Sea of Shards | Sea of Shards]], appearing as wafting clouds of …

  • Sidhe

    The Sidhe realms are known as [[Summerlands | the Summerlands]]. The strange physics of the Sidhe realms are "Magic" to most others. The controlling factions of the Sidhe are the [[Seelie]] and [[Unseelie]] courts. Pirate Captain [[:morgan_lefay | …

  • Black Maze

    The Black Maze is a stellated congregation of glassy asteroids in orbit around the [[Maelstrom | Maelstrom]]. It is the home port of [[Corvus Rex | the Corvus Rex]] and [[:hieronymus-macalder | Capt. Hieronymus MacAlder's]] Pirate Brotherhood.

  • Hollow Earth

    The Hollow Earth is a vast, primeval wilderness; teeming with prehistoric life. Vast plains and seas bounded by towering mountain ranges hold samples of flora and fauna from all the Ages of Earth and its alternates. Dotted across the plains are enclaves …