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  • Mythos

    The weird, horrific creatures of the Mythos are native inhabitants of the [[Aether | Aether]]. They are the wellspring of nightmare, know by the [[Sidhe]] as the Fomoiri and by Earthlings as the Great Old Ones (Cthulhu Mythos). They and their minions are …

  • Sidhe

    The Sidhe realms are known as [[Summerlands | the Summerlands]]. The strange physics of the Sidhe realms are "Magic" to most others. The controlling factions of the Sidhe are the [[Seelie]] and [[Unseelie]] courts. Pirate Captain [[:morgan_lefay | …

  • Pirates

    The two most powerful Pirate factions are [[:hieronymus-macalder | Capt. Hieronymus MacAlder's]] Brotherhood of the [[Black Maze | Black Maze]] and [[:morgan_lefay | Morgan le Fay's]] Sky Reavers.

  • Mad Empress

    Among the innumerable Lost Causes represented in the [[Sea of Shards | Sea of Shards]] is the [[Shard Realm | Shard Realm]] inhabited by Her Most Revered Majesty, the Empress Carlotta of Mexico. Known widely (but not to her face) as "Carlotta the Mad," …