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    This is a meta-campaign where a number of Steampunk and Weird Pulp games converge. h2. The Sea of Shards calls... Welcome to the Sargasso, a realm of swashbuckling Steampunk Pirate adventure. [[Aether Factions | Aetheric Empires]] battle for …

  • Aether Factions

    The Factions of the [[Great Aether Fleets | Great Aether Fleets]]: * [[Britannia Aeterna | Britannia Aeterna]] * [[Sidhe | Aes Sidhe]] * [[Martians | Warlords of Mars]] * [[Mythos | the Mythos]] [[Pirates | Pirate]] factions, although widespread …

  • Black Maze

    The Black Maze is a stellated congregation of glassy asteroids in orbit around the [[Maelstrom | Maelstrom]]. It is the home port of [[Corvus Rex | the Corvus Rex]] and [[:hieronymus-macalder | Capt. Hieronymus MacAlder's]] Pirate Brotherhood.

  • Pirates

    The two most powerful Pirate factions are [[:hieronymus-macalder | Capt. Hieronymus MacAlder's]] Brotherhood of the [[Black Maze | Black Maze]] and [[:morgan_lefay | Morgan le Fay's]] Sky Reavers.